• Solid zinc, chrome plated, genuine left threaded nut
  • Engraved ‘LEFT’ so you don’t forget about your spare
  • Packaged beautifully and ready for gifting!
  • Use as a paperweight, conversation piece, on a really big left threaded bolt?

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FYI: The Spare Left Nut doesn't have any real disclaimers, however in one case we did hear of a guy who had too much to drink while wearing flip flops and dropped his Spare Left Nut on his toe. Well, he did suffer some bruising but hey... is that really a problem related to the Spare Left Nut? Outside of that we don't know of any other problems people have had. So feel confident that the Spare Left Nut is a great gift that will provide a lot of fun and laughs for many years.Contained Within every Spare Left Nut giftbox is a gift card that tells about this unique gift and has a space to insert the name of the person you are giving the Spare Left Nut to. At the end of the card is a place for you to sign your name and add a personal note if you would like to make it a little more personal.


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The Story Behind this Nut





"​A smile has greater value when it is not kept but given away to another person."

We've got Left Nuts, you need a Spare? Let's do this!

When on earth would I ever need a Spare Left Nut?!

It's time to stop, laugh, and appreciate awesome!

Call out customer support team if you have any questions, or if you just want to talk about how awesome it is!

We really won't mind. (800.785.1814)

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The Spare Left Nut Guarantee 
What a Warranty!
Have you ever seen something so awesome and out of reach that it made you think, “I would give my left nut for that!”  We understand what you mean but if the opportunity were to arise, would you actually give away your left nut?  Perhaps you don’t have a surplus of nuts or any nuts for that matter!  With our Spare Left Nut, you'll always be prepared to give your left nut because you'll actually have an extra one!  So convenient and problem solving!  The gift dreams are made of! Our Spare Left Nut weighs more than .75 of a pound, is beautifully crafted and triple chrome plated, has reverse embossed lettering and comes in a gift box. Measures 2.2 inches in diameter x 1.2 inches tall. 

We've got just what you need, a Spare Left Nut!


Our Spare Left Nut comes with a superior 30/60 Guarantee.
That is, it is guaranteed for 30 feet or 60 seconds which ever comes first ... No No No, we're only kidding. OK, For real now. So, the Spare Left Nut is guaranteed to meet your satisfaction for quality, craftsmanship and stunning appearance. And, if for any of your picky reasons it doesn't meet your satisfaction and the product is still in like new condition (that means you haven't been using it as a hood ornament at monster truck crash competitions for the past 60 days), then call our customer satisfaction line at 800.785.1814 (M-F, 9am- 5pm, East Coast Time) Then, after telling us your sad sad story, we will issue you a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and shipping instructions, or for faster service click this RMA tab  (RMA). Upon our receiving your orphaned Spare Left Nut with the original invoice, we will credit back your entire purchase price (including outbound shipping cost to you) to your credit card. Now this guarantee only applies to Spare Left Nuts purchased on our website and to the original intelligent buyer (actually an intelligent buyer would never think of returning such a valuable asset as this Spare Left Nut except for maybe a defect of some sort).

So, Let's make sure we're talking apples to apples here. Here are the key points of our/your guarantee:       
1.  You must be the original purchaser and have ordered it online at our Spare Left Nut website.       
2.  You must have called and received an RMA number if you don't we will not be able to accept it.       
3.  You must return it within 60 days of the sales invoice date.        
4.  We must receive the Spare Left Nut packaged and in like new condition along with your invoice.

OK, so hey, we buy stuff too, and when we return stuff we want our money back now with no hassle. Well, we agree with that and that's exactly what will happen. We'll credit your purchase price back to your credit card immediately upon receiving and inspecting your RMA. You could search the whole world over and there's probably not a more unique or appreciated Gift that you can give...than the Spare Left Nut.




The Spare Left Nut was an idea that just came out of nowhere. One day while waiting in a parking lot for a ride I saw this large nut laying on the ground. I picked it up and thought that it was kind of neat for some reason.Seeing that it looked abandoned... I kept it. Upon returning to my office, I cleaned it up and put the nut on my desk as a paper weight. As people came into my office, it would catch their eye and they would ask me about it. I jokingly would reply that it was my Spare Left Nut and that I was keeping it for that special occasion when I really wanted something and would give my Left Nut for it. After awhile, because it got so much attention, I had our CNC department engrave it with the word LEFT and finished the job by having it chrome plated. The chrome plated LEFT Nut now got even more attention and people wanted to know where they could buy one. I would laugh with them about it and would just go on about running my company. Well, I run a small manufacturing company and because of the slow down in the economy I was looking at our product line and decided that maybe this was the time that I should offer my Spare Left Nut to our customers to help our sales picture improve. Essentially I said to myself, "Self... I'd give my Left Nut to see our sales improve".We're an American company, with a few good American employees making products in America for generally American customers who want good quality American products for themselves or their friends. Now, that's not to say we only sell to Americans, because in the past 20 years since I started my company (Signal Dynamics Co) I have sold our American Made products all over the world and I can honestly say that no matter where they live, people appreciate the innovation and quality they receive in our American Made products. My hope is that the Spare Left Nut puts a little humor in your life and makes you or the person you're buying it for smile.  After all, if you can smile and have a little fun, life's tough moments aren't quite so bad. So put a smile on your face, buy a Spare Left Nut for yourself or a friend or two (If you have more than one friend, that is) and have some fun with it. 

Any occasion or situation you can think of really! This is that unique, extraordinary, out of the park, over the top gift that will be surely cherished and long remembered.

What an Awesome Paperweight!
(Who uses paperweights anymore though, really?)